Mustafi set to leave

Mustafi is comprehended to be nearly a €40m exchange to Arsenal, and Ayestaran alluded to an anonymous club adequately enhancing their offer for the shield, in spite of the fact that he kept up Paco Alcacer was still in a fit state to play, regardless of Barcelona's disclosure that they would sign the striker or nobody. 

"We'll play a group that show character. You need to face circumstances as they seem to be, yet I'm persuaded that whoever plays [instead of Mustafi] at Eibar will have a decent diversion," the Coach said at a Press meeting. 

"The choice on Alcacer is sensible. On the off chance that he's in the squad then is on the grounds that he can play. 

"Circumstances change contingent upon the offers we get and the circumstances of the club. 

"A couple of weeks prior, [Arsenal's] offer wasn't sufficient, yet now different circumstances exist on the grounds that their offer is [good enough] and, from that point, we trust that we have a reasonable substitution [lined up]. It's basic. I'm certain [the club] will convey make signings. 

"The undertaking will be great or terrible relying upon who we have here. The individuals who aren't here, aren't here, however we have a decent group and great establishments. 

"What rate of the squad can change [before August 31]? Ten percent? Those are the numbers that will change. 

"The most critical thing is that we have a decent group and the undertaking will rely on upon what we can do with players we have."