Barca could still win with B team

In a scorching appraisal of Spain's top flight, Klopp felt the opposition was similar to "a recuperation session" now and again, to such an extent that Barca's youths were keeping pace with the League's littler clubs and Messi could stroll through matches yet at the same time grab a 'manita'. 

"The greatest distinction amongst England and the others is that the opposition is generally so hard," he told the Daily Mail. 

"In this way, yes, you can play three diversions on the off chance that you have groups with uncommon capacity, similar to Manchester City or Manchester United — two groups and let them play. 

'The enormous contrast to Spain is that Barcelona can play 50 for every penny of their amusements with Team B; or there are recreations where Lionel Messi runs 4.3 kilometers yet scores five objectives. 

"That is a recuperation session. Britain has no recuperation session, in totally any diversion. 

'You can win, you can win high on the off chance that you break them at a particular point, yet until that point it is constantly hard, hard, hard. 

"So you get three diversions, 26th, 28th, 31st, at the most noteworthy power. Not one second of recuperation."